PT. PAIB Indonesia established in 2012. PAIB Indonesia is a direct insurance broker licensed under the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia No. KEP-613/KM.01/2012 dated 5 November 2012, and member of APPARINDO, the Association of Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Broker. No. 190-2012/APPARINDO/2012.


PAIB Indonesia with motto "WORRY NO MORE" commit to be the best assistance for our clients to MITIGATE and MANAGE their risks and STRUCTURE the insurance solutions tailored to clients need.


PAIB Indonesia unique company’s culture has enabled us to quickly chase down new opportunities, adapt our products and services to best meet market demands and satisfy our varied clients.


PAIB Indonesia strength lies in our commitment to serve clients, partners and focus on our goals to maximize results.


At PAIB Indonesia, we truly believe that constant reinvention and seizing opportunities are important to long term survivability and success of our organization.