Our Services


PAIB provide consultancy services related with insurance such as arranging comprehensive insurance program, placement of risks to insurance market, developing terms of reference for insurance tender and others.

Risk Management

PAIB provide risk analysis to your physical assets such as production and storage facilities or any of your business establishments. The analysis includes risk improvements to minimize possible loss.

Claim Services

PAIB provide assistance in processing your claims in order for you to get your rights and benefits properly and timely as reflected in your insurance contracts.

IT Management

PAIB provide assistance to you on your IT requirements related with insurance services.

Corporate & Personal Lines

Employee Benefits

Provides benefit for your employees in the form of group hospital and surgical insurance, hospital cash plan and pension fund in line with your company’s requirements.

Personal Accident

Covers death, permanent disablement with medical expenses due to accident to an individual.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to electrical devices and computers due to an accident.

PAIB - Property Fire

Property / Fire

Covers loss of or damage to insured property such as building, machinery and stocks due to various contingencies like fire, flood, earthquake, riot, strike, theft and so on and can be extended to cover business interruption.

PAIB - Marine & Aviation Hull Insurance

Marine Hull and Aviation Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to marine and aviation hull due to various accidents including its liability to third party.

PAIB - Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Protects the policyholder from claim of a third party who suffers bodily injury or property damage due to negligence on the part of the policyholder.

PAIB - Travel Insurance


Provide travelers on worldwide basis coverage for medical, trip cancellation, travel delays, loss of luggage and so on.

PAIB - Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to cargo/goods during land, sea and air transportation.

Erection All Risk

Covers financial loss on machinery destruction, equipment or installation along the whole construction or installation processes of the machinery and equipment due to accidental damage.

PAIB - Golfer Liability


Provide golfers coverage for personal accident, medical expense, liability to third parties and loss of or damage to golfing equipment and personal effects.

PAIB - Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Covers loss of or damage to motor vehicles arising from accidents like collision, overturning, fire, theft etc and normally extended to cover flood, earthquake and riot.

PAIB - Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Covers breakdown of machinery when they are at work, at rest or being dismantled for cleaning or overhauling purposes

Money Insurance

Covers loss of money during transit, in cashier box, in safe due to robbery and burglary.

PAIB - Surety Bond

Surety Bond

It is a guarantee from insurer (Surety) to project owner (Obligee) that contractor (Principal) will accomplish all of its obligations to owner. Types of common bonds are bid bond, advance payment bond, payment bond, performance bond and maintenance bond.

Contractor All Risks

Covers loss due to physical loss of or destruction to a civil engineering project at the project site during construction and maintenance period.

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