Board Meeting Online Options

Directors can interact and connect with each other without having to travel to or from meetings. This is particularly beneficial for non-profits whose budgets might be limited and permit frequent trips. Apart from avoiding the expenses that travel incur, a virtual meeting provides flexibility and accessibility to a wider selection of board members.

Board members must be attentive to the meeting, whether it is in person or via a virtual meeting. This is harder to do in remote settings, since it’s easier to get distracted by coffee or a ringing telephone. It’s also common for people to lose their focus during online meetings if the technology used in the meeting isn’t up to par.

The best method to ensure board members are involved is to create an agenda that outlines clear goals for discussion, including the desired outcome for each item. This helps everyone stay focused and on the right track which increases productivity and effectiveness. Also, it’s a good idea to schedule the opportunity to take a few breaks throughout the meeting to keep participants fully refueled.

One of the most effective board meeting online options is Fellow which comes with a fully customizable digital notebook designed to boost participation and facilitate powerful conversations. It also helps streamline workflows with features such as inline recording of meetings, task management, and action item tracking. The app also employs AI to handle meeting notes for you and frees up your team’s time to focus on other areas of your business.

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